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Back to UK mapColonic Hydrotherapists in Yorkshire

North Yorkshire

  • Keren Wheeler
    York Clinic
    296 Tadcaster Road, York, YO24 1ET
  • Yvonne Wadeson
    Zenn, David Lloyd Gym, St John Playingfield, York YO10 3LG
  • Elaine Wilson
    Elaine Wilson Therapy
    22 The Village, Wigginton, York YO32 2PJ

South Yorkshire

West Yorkshire

  • Karen Elliott
    Crossgates Chiropody and Therapy Centre
    The Old Manse, Austhorpe Road, Leeds LS15 8BA
  • Emily Mumford
    The Garden Room
    17 Daleside, Thornhill Edge, West Yorkshire WF12 0PJ

RICTAT represents the best of colon hydrotherapy profession in the UK and Ireland. Its members - integrative colonic therapists and colonic irrigation clinics offer professional colon hydrotherapy and related services. Their standards imposed by rigorous self-regulation are often above those promulgated by professional associations. They work in close contact with other health professionals and ensure they offer best treatments in Yorkshire.