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Lynne McDougall RN, Partner, Wellsprings Holistic Clinic

Colon Hydrotherapy

Allergy testing; Aqua Detox; Vega Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT)


RICTAT Registration Number: 2011-51

RGN, BSc (Hons) Cert Ed.

Lynne McDougall is a Registered Nurse, and has gained BSc (Hons.) in Health Studies. She has over twelve years' experience as a colon hydrotherapist. It was whilst nursing that Lynne developed a passion for Complementary medicine and recognised the Value of holistic medicine. Following health concerns relating to her daughter she trained to be a Colon Hydrotherapist. She then established Wellsprings Holistic Clinic which she runs along with her husband Ian.

Other Therapies and qualifications include:

Along with other mentioned therapies, she runs workshops relating to various facets of health and well being. Lynne is also the Principal of Wellsprings College of Colon Hydrotherapy and has been teaching students the art and practices of becoming a colon Hydrotherapists since 2004.

She has published a book which focuses on controlling Candida Albicans, and now wishes to develop her writing career using the knowledge she has acquired over the years and promote the health and well being of others.

Lynne also has qualifications in herbal medicine, is a Reiki Master and teaches Reiki courses. Lynne also writes for and is a Director of as well as Practioner Supplies, a company that provides herbs to other therapists. She has lectured in Further Education Colleges on courses ranging from foundation to degree level.

Mission statement

At Wellsprings we aim to provide a relaxing, caring and rejuvenating environment in which we aim to promote health and wellbeing. Modern technology and specialist treatments coupled with the expertise of are fully qualified therapists, means that from the moment you arrive at Wellsprings you are guaranteed a professional and caring experience. We promote your awareness of the benefits of healthy eating. More importantly, you will be treated with the utmost care and respect at all times. At Wellsprings we only use fully disposable equipment.

Wellsprings Holistic Clinic operates a RICTAT approved Colon Hydrotherapy Training College.

Colon hydrotherapy equipment and use of disposables - Closed System

Transcom Colon Hydrotherapy Instrument; Disposable speculum, water line and waste line.

Clinic Name

Wellsprings Holistic Clinic

Address details

24B Lancaster Lane, Clayton le Woods, Leyland PR25 5SN

Telephone contact

+44 (0)1254 662585

Email address


RICTAT represents the best of colon hydrotherapy profession in the UK and Ireland. Its members - integrative colonic therapists and colonic irrigation clinics offer professional colon hydrotherapy and related services. Their standards imposed by rigorous self-regulation are often above those promulgated by professional associations. They work in close contact with other health professionals and ensure they offer best treatments in Lancashire.