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Darina Jiang, Colon Hydrotherapist, Su Pin Acupuncture Clinic

Colon Hydrotherapy



RICTAT Registration Number: 2012-24

During my 3 years of practising colon hydrotherapy and also experiencing it personally, I am able to notice huge differences with myself and my clients. I have recommended all of my friends to try it and they in turn have found the benefits to be incredible. I cannot stress how much it has impacted my life and the self fulfillment I feel knowing it has also improved the quality of life for my clients.

Colon hydrotherapy equipment and use of disposables - Closed System

Clearwater Colon Hydrotherapy Instrument; Disposable speculum, water line and waste line.

Clinic Name

Su Pin Acupuncture Clinic

Address details

58 Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin 6 Ireland

Telephone contact

+353 1492 1724

Email address


RICTAT represents the best of colon hydrotherapy profession in Ireland. Its members - integrative colonic therapists and colonic irrigation clinics offer professional colon hydrotherapy and related services. Their standards imposed by rigorous self-regulation are often above those promulgated by professional associations. They work in close contact with other health professionals and ensure they offer best treatments in Dublin, Ireland.