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Code of Ethics of the International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers



These guidelines have been developed to establish the highest standard of professionalism and conduct of all RICTAT members. All RICTAT members are trained to a high standard and as such are aware of health and safety requirements and legislation.

Best practice must be followed at all times, including but not limited to:

  1. Individual therapists and clinics* - members of RICTAT (hereinafter, individually ‘RICTAT Member’ or collectively ‘RICTAT Members’) must practice their profession with dignity and integrity at all times and must conduct themselves in a manner that would not bring either them or RICTAT into disrepute. It is expected that they will maintain this in their own personal conduct, hygiene and the way they treat a patient/client.
  2. In their practice RICTAT Members must at all times adhere to national and local legislations applicable to colon hydrotherapy, premises and the devices and disposables that are used in the treatments. In the absence of express legislation best practices must followed.
  3. Only CE-marked disposable client equipment must be used in all treatments. It must never be reused and must be disposed of in accordance with local by-laws.
  4. A therapist must at all times have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance in accordance with RICTAT requirements.
  5. It is requirement of RICTAT that members must complete a minimum of 30 hours Continuous Professional Development (CPD) within a 12 month period. This can be done by attendance at Conference, study days, RICTAT on-line courses or other related educational courses. The evidence of CPD training must be submitted annually at the time of membership renewal.
  6. RICTAT Members must not treat a minor without a letter of referral from his/her GP, consultant or health care specialist. The minor must at all times be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If treatment is agreed, then a consent form must be signed by a relevant responsible adult.
  7. It is essential that patients or clients are not left unattended during the treatment.
  8. The RICTAT Member will not visually inspect, examine, touch or in any way make contact, directly or indirectly, with the primary or secondary sexual organs of the patient/client.
  9. During a consultation/treatment a case history, including any potential contraindications and cautions must be recorded, which must include a signed declaration indicating that all relative information has been provided, it is true and that the patient/client agrees to the treatment.
  10. A RICTAT Member must not attempt to diagnose, prescribe or claim that any medical conditions may be cured by colon hydrotherapy.
  11. A RICTAT Member must never divulge a confidence or disclose any findings in the course of a consultation or treatment without the permission of the client except when and if required to do so by law.
  12. A RICTAT Member is expected to show consideration for the patient/client at all times by NOT putting them under pressure to have a treatment, and should not commit any patient/client to having more than one treatment before the first treatment unless the patient/client is allowed to decline any more treatments without a financial penalty. Any money paid in advance for those declined treatments should be returned.
  13. The number of treatments to be given to a patient/client in a period of 12 months shall be agreed with the patient/client so as to provide maximum benefit to the patient/client, but in any event should not exceed the maximum number of 12, unless otherwise instructed in writing by the patient’s doctor or consultant.

Subject to the observance of these guidelines by RICTAT Members the RICTAT Board shall support RICTAT Members in their work and research or in any potential conflict in inquiries that may arise.

*For the purposes of this document, Collective Members (Clinics) are treated jointly and severally as one Member.