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Advantages of Membership

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Historically colon hydrotherapy has been an esoteric and somewhat lonely occupation. Colonic irrigation practitioners worked on their own, and did not have many connections with other members of the naturopathic or holistic community.

This situation is rapidly changing now, and this is exactly why you as an integrative colon hydrotherapist will benefit hugely from membership in this Register.

There are other specialist colon therapy registers and associations and we value their contribution to promoting colon hydrotherapy training, equipment and standards. However, we are here to give you, the practitioner, as much public exposure as possible, as well as a platform for expressing your views and a sounding board for continuing professional development.

By joining this Register you let everyone out there see who you are, your skills, your expertise, your talent and your passion for colon hydrotherapy. So go ahead and help us to make RICTAT the most representative, experienced and neutral web-base colon hydrotherapy community in the world.

Our Objectives:

What exactly you receive as a Registered Member:

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