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We now have a training centre in Ireland
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Find a professional registered integrative colon hydrotherapist

Colon Hydrotherapy International Congress (CHIC) 2019

Sunday 6th October at Novotel Hotel, Fishergate, York. YO10 4FD
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Skills for Health logoWelcome to RICTAT - the fastest growing International UK-based organisation of colon hydrotherapy practitioners and trainers!

All RICTAT members are committed to providing an excellent service to clients. We strive to ensure all our members meet our hygiene standards, which are the highest in the UK.

Our motto, as an organization, is SALUS AEGROTI SUPREMA LEX. This is one of the crucial concepts of medical ethics, which means, in Latin, "patient's health rules supreme", i.e. that the practitioner should always act in the best interest of the patient.

If you are new to colon hydrotherapy, please rest assured that you can visit any of the therapists listed in this directory with utmost confidence. They will help you achieve digestive regularity, experience higher levels of energy and maintain health without compromising on quality or cutting corners.

All RICTAT Members are commited to Continued Professional Development & regularly attend seminars & courses to ensure we continue to high quality treatments.We understand that hygiene and patient care are of utmost priority and we put client and patient safety first.

We all believe that colon hydrotherapy is more that just a procedure. All our members advocate a personalised and unique approach to each individual patient or client. We support the view that colon therapy is part of modern integrated medicine and are prepared to cooperate with doctors, other medical professionals and alternative medicine practitioners in order to help you, the patient or client, achieve your optimum health and longevity. We are prepared to listen and will try their best to understand.



Our Code of Ethics and Conflict Resolution Procedure

Please feel free to browse through the following pages. You will be able to find a therapist close to where you live or work, and find additional information about her or him. If you have been recommended a therapist and you only can remember their first name, try searching by country and first name.

Therapists join International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers daily, so do come back and check our listings regularly!

If you are not new to colonics, and you can recommend a good, safe therapist to be included into this directory, please email us. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions that will help us provide you a better service.